Our customers can choose between two delivery options:

  1. EMS (Express Mail Service) 7-12 employees (in some cases, the delivery time can be up to 25 business days);
  2. International registered letter 14-21 business days (in some cases, the delivery time may be up to 35 business days).

IMPORTANT INFORMATION! We indicate the expected delivery time. During delivery, sometimes there are circumstances that affect delivery time. In case of problems, the delivery time of the package increases. It should be noted, that sending of the package is not possible on holidays or weekends.

If the transaction was successful and the package was sent, the client will receive a tracking number that will allow him to track the order until he reaches the destination country and the address indicated on the package. The number will be emailed to the customer.

In a situation where the delivery time has expired and the client has not received his goods, you should not place a second order. It is best to contact a support service. In some situations, it may not be possible to track the packet because the identifier starts working after reaching the destination country.

What are the costs and delivery times?

The managers of our site have the right to independently set prices for the delivery of goods. The cost depends on the delivery method in which the client is interested. Therefore, it is not surprising that express delivery is more expensive than other options. For heavy loads, additional charges may apply.